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21 Apr Anticipating The Launch Of Sabiha’s; Women's Clothing Gushing Positive Vibes!
Sabiha 8 16902
Swaad has been the highlight of Imtiaz’s social media forums for quite some time ensuing engagement that has been exciting yet funny at the same time. Sabiha’s designs respectably portray women wi..
23 Apr Sabiha's Diary; The Real Deal After The Post-Launch!
Sabiha 3 13380
Sabiha’s launch last weekend set the fashion scene ablaze. Its prelaunch teasers kept the audience speculating the apparel line to be nothing short of a traditionally designed eastern attire. Howeve..
11 May Switch It Up This Summer with The Latest Fashion Trends 2020
Sabiha 0 2109
As the spring shopping spree kicks in this season we’ve spotted the coolest fashion trends for 2020. Style conscious individuals can never fall short with the trends for this summer; incorporating..
09 Jul The Ultra Sleek Shoe Collection by Sabiha’s Showcasing Premium Elegance!
Sabiha 0 902
Sabiha’s shoe collection is going to set you good for this season to create versatile summer looks. A preloved brand for clothing is now out with a trendy footwear collection featuring a variety o..
06 Jul Trending Colors For 2020 To Smash Your Summer!
Sabiha 0 666
Enjoy the rhythm for this summer with the sea, sun and sand, and a splash of color. Starting this season with an optimistic attitude, a wardrobe collection filled with colors verily is a good idea..
02 Sep Get Monsoon Ready with Sabiha’s Fashion Forward Lookbook!
Sabiha 0 657
A balance between couture and comfort during monsoon is a challenge. It is season surrounding with pitter-patter in coherence to its attributes alongside putting together a fashion-forward outfit ..
21 Sep Sabiha’s Winter Collection Volume 2 Is Finally Up For Grabs
Sabiha 0 592
Sabiha’s by Imtiaz, a leading women’s fashion brand recently introduced its second volume within its 2020 winter collection. It has easily accessible ready to wear fashion-centric pieces which ens..
Sabiha 0 412
As soon as the leaves hit the ground welcoming Autumn, fashionistas are all set awaiting the new fall season collection to drop. Several brands in the fashion industry spend hours preparing their ..
07 Jun Let Loose This Summer And Chase The Sun With Sabiha’s Summer Vibes!
Sabiha 0 395
A little summer on hand once in a year is a great opportunity to let loose and chase the sun, revamp your wardrobe with Sabiha’s this summer, and indulge in the ultimate summer spree. At Sabiha’s,..
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