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Sabiha's Diary

21 Apr Anticipating the launch of Sabiha’s; women's clothing gushing positive vibes
Sabiha 8 13757
Swaad has been the highlight of Imtiaz’s social media forums for quite some time ensuing engagement that has been exciting yet funny at the same time. Sabiha’s designs respectably portray women wi..
23 Apr Sabiha's diary; the real deal after the post-launch
Sabiha 3 8667
Sabiha’s launch last weekend set the fashion scene ablaze. Its prelaunch teasers kept the audience speculating the apparel line to be nothing short of a traditionally designed eastern attire. Howeve..
21 Apr Switch It Up This Summer with The Latest Fashion Trends 2020
Sabiha 0 1033
As the spring shopping spree kicks in this season we’ve spotted the coolest fashion trends for 2020. Style conscious individuals can never fall short with the trends for this summer; incorporating..
21 Apr Let loose this summer and chase the sun with Sabiha’s summer vibes!
Sabiha 0 33
A little summer on hand once in a year is a great opportunity to let loose and chase the sun, revamp your wardrobe with Sabiha’s this summer, and indulge in the ultimate summer spree. At Sabiha’s,..
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